iValueHealth.NET empowers Club-2030 to enhance health education and awareness in Africa

Club 2030, a visionary African NGO takes a step forward and launches an online health platform with iValueHealth.NET, to enhance health education and sustainable awareness in African countries.

Health awareness and education are common problems in African countries. Across the years, several actors launched different initiatives to address this problem. Thousands of projects are run by different NGOs, Foundations, or Public bodies with the same praiseworthy objective to improve access to health in Africa. Unfortunately, they all come and go away; access to information remains very low, leading those programs to have little sustainable impact.

Club-2030 has come up with an innovative solution that will position African citizens and health information/education at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem, and will engage them more in health awareness and prevention. Club 2030 is now committed to leverage existing technologies, such as mobile phones (mHealth), to create a greater and long lasting impact of healthcare campaigns by allowing beneficiaries to interact through easy channels like SMS and increase their engagement.

“The online health platform that we are launching is the continuation of our strategy for Africa, and our actions in the last 2 years in region. Club 2030 and iValueHealth.NET have a common mission, and jointly, we feel comfortable to deploy similar initiatives in neighboring countries very soon. Africa is growing and our job is to bring social innovations and make sure that we enable people to have basic access to health services”, stated Khaled Igue, President of Club-2030. Club-2030 is already active in many other fields (education, sports, energy etc.) and managed to drive positive change within many geographical areas in Africa.

“The agreement between Club-2030 and iValueHealth.NET is highly strategic in terms of Vision for Africa, sustainability and socio-economic impact. We are very excited about this collaboration and look forward to change the lives of so many African communities”, stated Director at iValueHealth.NET. Bringing all the health actors in one place and leverage synergies is key for local communities. This additional channel will contribute to the effectiveness of ongoing prevention and health education campaigns.

About iValueHealth.NET: iValueHealth.NET is the first European multilingual health social platform. After years of intensive research, to meet the needs in the area of healthcare, iValueHealth.NET was successfully launched in 2012. The platform is unique in its field and connects the healthcare ecosystem in one place, enabling health actors to become visible in the online world, interact with each other, share experiences and benefit from different services. It is currently available in 6 European languages, attracted more than 300,000 members and has over 5 million page views each month.

About Club 2030: Most of the low income countries in Africa are aiming for development and are willing to create a better social environment for their people. But before achieving these results, a lot of challenges have to be overcome; this is the reason why Club 2030 was created in 2012. “Club 2030” is a non-profit organization, a "Think Tank" which has the essential role to lead analysis on the subjects connected to the development of Africa. Club 2030 organizes conferences and also participates in development by leading projects with an important social positive impact. Club 2030 is the first Think Tank that aims to reduce poverty by promoting Health, Education and Energy services in Africa.