Media Groups to bring their contribution to making healthcare accessible for everyone

A wide range of business opportunities for collaboration and enrichment of health sections on media portals.

Health education is something that most people would agree is very important. Different actors have taken a shared responsibility in contributing to health education: from families and schools to doctors, from Health Public and Private Agencies to International Organizations and NGOs, from individuals to communities. They all have engaged in organized efforts to help and advocate for informed choices regarding people’s personal health.

In this regard, media houses, especially through their print media, online media and TV, are doing a great job in flagging off important health issues and raising public health awareness. In reality, research shows that the media is a leading source of health information for many people. Almost every online newspaper has a health section on their portals that aims to give people information about different conditions, health advice, inform on latest developments in medicine and research and encourage sports and wellbeing. Televisions have also special airtime devoted to health issues and play an important role in packaging health information in a way that can be understood and adopted by large public.

In the recent years, there has been good collaboration between media and health professionals especially in enabling professionals to convey certain messages to larger population. Social media and health social networks, such as iValueHealth.NET, are part of the new actors with an increasing role in raising health awareness and have also offered people a wide range of possibilities in taking an active role in managing their own health. It also brings new tools and functionalities that allow media actors, among others, to engage more with the public. iValueHealth.NET is unique as it works as a catalyzer for all types of health actors (People, Patients, Doctors, Public and Private Health Agencies, NGOs, Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Stores, Insurance Companies etc.) that are involved in public health. It brings everyone together in one place, a large audience interested in health, allowing media companies to create and/or enrich their health columns on their portals and have a wide range of business opportunities for collaboration.