Health4Youth & iValueHealthNET extend partnership to put health on agenda of all European Youngsters

After a first successful year of collaboration, iValueHealth.NET and Health4Youth expand their focus to reach out to larger European Youth communities.

Health4Youth by AEGEE-Europe, an initiative meant to educate and support European youth in making healthy choices and iValueHealth.NET, leading European social health network started last year a strategic partnership to increase health awareness among young people, provide them with services/tools that encourage a healthy lifestyle, connect young people with each other and with health professionals.

In 2013, iValueHealth.NET and Health4Youth project worked together to build health awareness among AEGEE’s young communities across Europe. More than 10,000 students and young people were able to connect through the Health4Youth website, access and share medical information including useful articles about health, nutrition, sports etc. They also benefited from self-assessment analytical services that allow them to find out more about their body e.g. height, weight, BMR, BMI or how much physical activity they need to keep themselves fit.

“We are happy to see that the interest in health and healthy lifestyle is increasing among young people and we look forward to developing new innovative awareness campaigns with the Health4Youth team. We will focus on offering them targeted health services and tips via an improved social health network and mobile application.”, says Cristina Pruna, Partnership & Alliance Manager at iValueHealth.NET. iValueHealth.NET platform is available through the Health4Youth website and youths will be able to download the new mobile application that will bring them useful health tips at their fingertips.

“We have successfully closed the first cycle of the H4Y project and we have a new team that will take ownership of the project. We have shared the learnings with the AEGEE community and we look forward to implementing enthusiastically new ideas in partnership with iValueHealth.NET.” We have closed the project with the publication of a cook book that will soon be available for all young people interested in learning how to get the best health benefits from the food they eat.”, says Mayri Tiido, former Project manager of Health4Youth.

About iValueHealth.NET: iValueHealth.NET is a multi-lingual European platform, successfully launched in 2012, after a thorough research on the needs exiting in the field of health. The platform connects the different healthcare actors in one place, allowing them to interact with each other, share experiences and benefit from dedicated services. It gathers about 500k members and has million visitors every month. Accessing iValueHealth.NET platform is free of charge and open to everyone. All one needs to connect is an e-mail address.

About AEGEE & Health4Youth: AEGEE was born 29 years ago with the vision of creating a unified Europe, based on democracy and respect for human rights, bringing together students with different cultural backgrounds. Today, AEGEE is Europe’s largest interdisciplinary youth organisation: 40 countries, 200 cities, 13 000 friends. This network provides the ideal platform for young volunteers to work together on cross-border activities such as international conferences, seminars, exchanges, training courses and case study trips. In line with the challenges young people are currently facing in Europe, AEGEE’s work for the period of 2011-2014 was focused on three main areas: Youth Participation, Bridging Europe and Inclusion of Minorities. The purpose of the Health4Youth project is to show young people what a healthy lifestyle is all about. The target group is university students from all over Europe with an interest in health topics. Additionally, this project intends to cooperate with institutions and NGOs in order to share knowledge and work together on the topic of a healthy lifestyle.