iValueHealth.NET & CCPA-PACC partners to promote mHealth in ACP countries

iValueHealth.NET steps forward by partnering with CCPA-PACC (Chambre de Commerce PanAfricane - Pan African Chamber of Commerce) to provide better access to health information in African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP).

iValueHealth.NET and CCPA-PACC revealed a Mobile Health (mHealth) platform at the ACP Secretariat in Brussels, in March 2015, where more than 200 EU and ACP leaders (Head of ACP States, Ambassadors, European Parliament members, European Investment Bank, Fagace, CEOs of large multinationals and key Public figures etc.) were present to share their ideas and develop business. The objective of the partnership between iValueHealth.NET and CCPA-PACC, is to bring structure on ongoing various initiatives gradually, modernise and better population management strategy and increase health awareness using technology in the region.

This mHealth platform provides a market place where all actors of the healthcare value chain can interact and is perfectly adapted to different regions in ACP countries, in terms of technology, content and service approach. The platform is designed for a step-by-step deployment (towards a common goal), based on the market maturity, to make it sustainable. The platform and its services will be available in 4 different ACP languages i.e. English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, and shall be complemented by 3 other languages Italian, German and Romanian.

In addition to this, iValueHealth.NET and CCPA-PACC announced to help and promote women entrepreneurship around mHealth initiatives in the region.

About iValueHealth.NET: iValueHealth.NET is a multilingual European platform, successfully launched in 2012 after extensive research on the needs existing in the field of health. The platform connects the different health actors in one place, allowing them to interact, share experiences and benefit from dedicated services. Today, the platform gathers around 850,000 members and has millions of visitors each month. The portal has three types of features: (1) Health Information on medical fields, symptoms, diseases and medications (2) Medical professionals can publish and share articles (text, images and videos), best practices, trends, research etc. (3) e-Health services and m-Health solutions for B2B and B2C. Currently, the platform offers over 50 services and is expected to reach over 100 services before the end of the year.

About CCPA-PACC: CCPA-PACC focuses on small and medium enterprises, strengthening the intra-African trade and highlighting African financial instruments to expand and support development in a sustainable manner by reducing the dependence of Africa and allowing job creation on its soil. The Chamber is also positioned as African financial facilitator between different stakeholders and EU to support projects with human value.

About ACP: The European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP countries) enjoy special relations that can be traced back to the Union's beginnings. These political, economic and social relations are to be found mainly in the field of development cooperation. The Cotonou Agreement signed in 2000, follows on from the previous conventions (Yaoundé, Lomé) and currently provides the general framework for relations between the Union and the 79 ACP countries. This framework is reinforced by regional and national components and supplemented by a financial component represented mainly by the European Development Fund (EDF).