VIVOnet, powered by iValueHealth.NET - the first social health network in Romania

România Liberă and iValueHealth.NET launch the first social health network in Romania - VIVOnet. The network brings together patients and physicians, clinics and hospitals, non-governmental organizations and authorities.

România Liberă launches the first social health network in Romania - VIVOnet. The network brings together patients and physicians, clinics and hospitals, non-governmental organizations and authorities.

Users who create an account on VIVOnet network have access to a national guide of clinics and hospitals, to a broad database of medical articles and numerous useful services for health monitoring. Among the services that VIVOnet offers to users are: checking their daily activity, calculating their body mass index, or verifying their basal metabolic rate.

"As a result of the growing interest from readers on topics such as health and medical services, launches VIVOnet platform, the first social health network in Romania. By digitizing information relative to clinics and hospitals and the services provided by them, VIVOnet wants to build the largest integrated database in the online field, "said Adrian Rus, manager of the trust Medien Holding, which includes România Liberă newspaper and the website.

Clinics and hospitals can also create accounts on VIVOnet network to interact with patients. Their profile will include information such as services and prices, schedule of doctors and clinic, and other useful information, such as the address or the phone number. The services VIVOnet will offer to the clinics include: publishing medical articles, fixing appointments online, and sending alerts to patients.

VIVOnet network is developed in collaboration with iValueHealth.NET, an international company with a rich experience in the field of health.

“iValueHealth.NET is a platform rich in services, and its richness and flexibility is being proven once again through this new partnership with România Liberă. We are very pleased that VIVOnet will provide access to innovative health services to all users in Romania and we believe that it can have the same success as iValueHealth.NET, and become the first social health network in the country. VIVOnet will contribute to bringing doctors and the medical world closer to patients and users, increasing their level of health awareness, answering to the current needs existing in the country" said Sergio Lozano, Director iValueHealth.NET. "The needs of medical professionals and patients are constantly evolving everywhere in world and we see this every day at iValueHealth. According to the European Commission Report from November 2014, between 60 and 80% of Europeans use the internet and mobile phone to search for health information, a trend that can also be observed in Romania via our platform." added Lozano.

In the near future, VIVOnet will establish partnerships with healthcare providers and companies that want to contribute to the education of people in Romania regarding a healthy lifestyle. A first innovative service is the "Daily Health Tip" which aims to raise awareness and change the bad habits of Romanians.

About iValueHealth.NET: iValueHealth.NET is a multilingual European platform, successfully launched in 2012 after extensive research on the needs existing in the field of health. The platform connects the different health actors in one place, allowing them to interact, share experiences and benefit from dedicated services. Today, the platform gathers around 1,000,000 members and has millions of visitors each month. The portal has three types of features: (1) Health information on medical fields, symptoms, diseases and medications (2) Medical professionals can publish and share articles (text, images and videos), best practices, trends, research etc. (3) e-Health services and m-Health solutions for B2B and B2C. Currently, the platform offers more than 50 services.

About Romania Libera: The website Romania Libera continues the tradition of the newspaper launched in 1877 and provides readers with quality articles on subjects ranging from politics and economics, to lifestyle and technology. The website has nearly one million monthly unique users and over 4,500,000 views each month. About 60% of the users are aged between 25 and 54, have higher education and incomes above average. The website is growing and developing continuously and aims to double its traffic in the next year, as a result of significant investments