10,000 downloads, and increasing everyday - iVH-HIT

How many times do you have questions about if something is good or bad in terms of health? There are thousands of people who have solved this question through iVH-HIT program.

One of user says "Apparently it is easy to know e.g. what kind of nutrition is appropriate for your health; but we tend to forget, and it becomes difficult to remember all time. This application keep reminding in simple manner on what to do and what not to do".

iVH-HIT, guides more than 10.000 people on how to act, and/or not to act in different situations. It is simple, (1) download Mobile App, (2) choose theme and (3) activate the service. There you go, and anyone can start recieving alerts. iValueHealth.NET has more than 70 medical categories, in different languages, and this makes easy to stay connected.