iVH-HIT first healthcare app that provides daily Health information tips in Chinese

How many mobile apps are available in Chinese? How many of them are into the health space? How many of them are based on specific conditions? and so on. The answer is only one: iVH-HIT.

Continuing with the goal "Health for Everyone", i.e. providing access and increase awareness around Health to everyone, iValueHealth.NET took in consideration of growing community, it's traffic and emerging market where we have more billion people, +100 million travelling (coming from country and foreigner going to country), and so on. With such impressive figures, in order to contribute in people’s life, the best way to act is by prevention and awareness, iValueHealth.NET created specific content in Simplified Chinese language.

With the same aim, medical information, access to it, in local language; Now chinses people can use the iVH-HIT that covers more than 70 categories ranging from young to old people. Still simple, download the app, activate the theme, and change the language in profile, and that's it.