Does Gamification work out in Health Space? iVH QUIZ is seen as answer!

iValueHealth.NET steps forward and advances into very hot topic into the health prevention and awareness: Gamification. After experiencing great success with the m-Health program iVH-HIT, iValueHealth.NET has decided to create a really disruptive solution based on the interaction with a Health QUIZ Service.

With this specific solution, the community is ready to participate and learn more in form of QUIZ. Helping people to recognize how to know on different situation.

There are three big goals behind iVH QUIZ: Interact, Learn, and Incentive. The base it is to to interact and check level of knowledge, followed by easier way to learn, and on every right answer, user gains point/reward which may be used to access other services and/or exchange in other loyalty programs. By taking part in QUIZ, it helps to know if something is good to do, or bad to avoid, makes the journey of learning friendly.