1.7 million Members, 50.000 Applications download: A “leader” in m-Health space

In July 2012, iValueHealth.NET started a platform, an enriching journey, and by end of 2016 (i.e. in less than 5 years), we are happy to announce that this has been an incredible journey! We made a family of 1.7 million members (one of largest in healthcare social network), more than 50.000 application download, making us one of big actors in this space, and growing 4/5 times faster than any nearer competitor.

The m-Health program was launched with the aim of provide health access for everyone with a simple tools, that brings people together; help to know/understand at very basic level in a very common language. Today iValueHealth.NET has more than 130k medical content, adapted to device, from computer/laptop, tablet, smart-phones and feature phones, and in 8 different languages. iVH still do not track its user, do not store any information about it's users, do not sell any user information to anyone and keeping full annonymity.

The platform operates in white-label for B2B, and remains free for end-user in B2C; “With the philosophy of trying to bring all in one place, a market place. iVH is still in attraction mode, and we continue to focus increase in awareness on information and analytic services. Our target is to gain about 500k more users by June 2017, crossing the bar of 2 million members (i.e. 5 years)", said the Director.