iValueHealth.NET and the impact of ICTs in the Health System

There is a major consensus about the impact of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on health systems are going to be substantial. Different entities have organized many studies on ICTs in the health sector, but the results of such studies has not been transferred or are not very well known to public.

The health sector strives to increase productivity and reduce costs. This has in turn put health professionals under pressure to find the most effective balances of new technologies to achieve that goal. Recently Sergio Lozano, Director of iValueHealth.NET, assisted to the Foro Tribuna Empresarial, where he shared vision about how ICT can contribute to the new era with other attenders into the Health Sector. “When people talks about the influence of ICT into the health sector usually think about latest data analysis, neuro systems and latest inventions (equipment etc.). However, reality can be much more every day for people who have almost no access to health”.

iValueHealth.NET Health Calendar, as an example, allows both patients and professionals to initiate request at free of cost, and get in connection directly without any intermediaries, reminders and have better analysis. Just basic health services like that, achieve the on top two goals that everyone looks for in all different sectors, reducing costs and being more productivity. From iValueHealth.NET perspective, Patient are becoming Heart of the HealthCare ecosystem more and more, but if we open more, we all have more to gain, as prevention/awareness is shall be cheaper than cure. iValueHealth.NET Health Social Network try to bring value to all different healthcare players so one day they will be able to work closely for better patient experience. “There are vast sources of information available on the network for physicians and other health care providers. In addition, thanks also to the network, everyone can share and exchange information and experiences with each other.”

Professionals, all around the globe have the opportunity to share their skills, qualifications and contribute for the good of all. These are just few examples of the applications of iValueHealth.NET as ICT into the Health Sector.

About iValueHealth.NET: iValueHealth.NET is a multilingual European platform, successfully launched in 2012 after extensive research on the needs existing in the field of health. The platform connects the different health actors in one place, allowing them to interact, share experiences and benefit from dedicated services. Today, the platform gathers over 1.7 million members. The portal has three types of features: (1) Health Information on medical fields, symptoms, diseases and medications (2) Medical professionals can publish and share articles (text, images and videos), best practices, trends, research etc. (3) e-Health services and m-Health solutions for B2B and B2C. Currently, the platform offers over 50 services and is expected to reach over 100 services before the end of the year.