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iVH Offering

iValueHealth.NET is a health related white-labelled multilingual platform where users can access basic medical information. We aim to contribute and respond to the following needs (i) identifying more and share medical information for better treatments, as people are living longer and becoming more health conscious, (ii) decreasing physicians to patients/inhabitants ratio and medical services becoming too costly, and (iii) better access to information and continuously increasing Health awareness using all potential devices.

   SaaS & White-labelled platform

Operates in SaaS model (Subscription or Campaign). Our services include and focus on access to information, increase awareness, reports, data, analysis, business services, profiling, and applications. The platform has more than 50 services available, and new services are planned to be added.

   mHealth Services (SMS, USSD, IVR, Apps)

Largest medical content (150k+ in 9 languages). This content based services are accessible (Subscription or Premium SMS or Event based) for businesses and consumers under Share/Publish, Campaigns, Health Tips, Health Quiz, Push/Alerts, Pull/Push etc. iValueHealth.NET APIs allow our customers & partners to build special/custom services as need be.

   End-to-End Consulting Services

Our team can support our customers/partners in launching Health related (platform, mHealth, Special personalised public/private Programs etc) from Market Entry Analysis, Strategy to Sucessful deployment. As we are able to address entire healthcare ecosystem, we can assist in building partner network.

www.iValueHealth.NET gives access to information, increase awareness, reports, data, analysis, services and applications. The platform has more than 50 services available, and more new services are added every month.

  • Manage your own health: Intuitive diagnosis, primary care, promote healthy independent living, be in touch with your doctor or pharmacist or vice-versa, fix appointments, health calendar, tools to manage your vaccination or treatment, receive alerts based on keyword or topic, micro-insurance…
  • Applications for smart-phones: Regular monitoring of height/weight tracker, blood pressure, diabetes, heartbeat, post-surgery recovery, food diary, mood tracker, menstrual cycle, ovulation, pregnancy, sleep tracker, exercise tracker, find an expert, compare me, vaccination programmes, quizzes etc…
  • Join community and interact with people and professionals: Follow medical professionals, trends and request information, find closest doctor / hospitals / clinics / pharmacies, best medical professionals etc., Finding and sharing experiences with patients having similar needs/interests, be visible, be searchable with online profile…